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World Cup 2018 FAQ's

1. I want to register and create my own league, but I can only see the option to join an existing league.

If you want to create your own league, you will need to register first without joining a league. Once registered and logged in, you can create your own league from your home page

2. Somebody has joined my league by mistake.

If you are a league administrator you have the 'Administer League Members' option on your home page. In this screen, you have a list of all your members. The names are links to their email addresses, so you can send an email to the person in question. You can also remove a person from your league by clicking on the 'Remove' tick box next to their name.

3. The prize fund screen doesnt represent the number of people in my league.

The prize fund calculation is based on how many members of your league have been authorized by your league administrator.

4. I have joined a league, but havent been authorised.

In order to be a fully fledged member of a league, you need to be authorised by the administrator for your league. You will need to wait until your administrator next logs in and makes the decision on your entry.

5. I have joined a league but want to join another instead. How do I change

Go to 'Update My Details' on your homepage. From here you can remove yourself from your current league by un-ticking the 'Entered in ..'tickbox, then submitting. Then go back into that screen and select the league you want to join.

6. How can I join a league after I have registered?

Go to 'Update My Details' on your homepage. From here you can join a league. This is the same screen you filled out when you registered.
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